Perfect 3 Nights, 4 Days Travel Guide to Helsinki

Helsinki, the capital of Finland, invokes the beauty, tranquility, and unique culture of Northern Europe just by its name.

This city captivates tourists with its renowned design, gastronomy, and historical landmarks.

However, for those who are visiting Helsinki for the first time, the city can be a bit overwhelming.

There could be many concerns such as where to visit first, what food to try, and what experiences to go for.

That’s why I’ve prepared a perfect travel guide for a 3-night, 4-day trip to Helsinki this time.

Through this guide, I’m going to introduce everything from major tourist spots in Helsinki to hidden attractions, delicious restaurants, and unique experiences.

This guide will be helpful to all those visiting Helsinki for the first time, or those who want to visit Helsinki again.

Now it’s time to discover the charm of Helsinki together.

I hope this article helps you plan your trip to this beautiful city in Northern Europe, Helsinki. Shall we start the journey to Helsinki together?

You can download the Google Map information of Helsinki, Finland travel destinations, and restaurant at the bottom of this article.

  1. Day 1: Arrival in Helsinki and City Tour

Upon arriving in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, you will begin your journey from the airport to the hotel.

It is generally recommended to book accommodation in the city center, Kamppi.

  • Getting to Kamppi

The most convenient and economical way to get from Helsinki Vantaa Airport to the city center, Kamppi, is by train.

Helsinki Vantaa Airport is connected to not only major cities in Finland but also many cities around the world.

    • Domestic Routes

Helsinki Vantaa Airport operates several flight routes to other cities within Finland. In particular, there are many flights to the Lapland region.

    • International Routes

Helsinki Vantaa Airport operates routes to major cities worldwide, including Europe, Asia, and North America. It serves as an important hub for Asia and Europe, making it ideal for travel between Europe and Asia.

  • Transportation within the Airport

There are two terminals within the airport: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. These two terminals are close enough to move by foot, allowing for convenient movement.

Perfect 3 Nights, 4 Days Travel Guide to Helsinki

If you take a train from the airport, you can arrive at the Helsinki Central Railway Station in about 30 minutes.

From Helsinki Central Station, you can walk to Kamppi in about 10 minutes. Train tickets cost approximately 5 euros each, and can be purchased from ticket machines or on the train with cash or card.

If you take a taxi, you can reach Kamppi in about 30 to 45 minutes. Taxi fares range from approximately 45 to 50 euros. Taxis can be easily found at the airport exit.


  1. Car Rental

In Finland, including Helsinki, the driver’s seat is located on the right side of the car. Also, road driving takes place on the right lane. Please bear this in mind for safe driving.

Booking a Rental Car (Helsinki Airport Pickup)

On the first day, after checking in to your accommodation, tour the Esplanadi Park, a representative park in Helsinki.

Here, you can enjoy the nature of Helsinki, and there are various cafes and shopping points nearby where you can have a good time.

For shopping, visit Itala, where you can meet Finland’s representative design brand.

Here, you can appreciate Finland’s modern design. It takes about 2 minutes to walk.

Next, visit Havis Amanda.

Havis Amanda is one of the famous landmarks in Helsinki, located in Kauppatori near Market Square.

This bronze statue was created in 1908 by Ville Vallgren, a famous Finnish painter and sculptor. He was inspired in Paris to create this work.

Havis Amanda symbolizes a young woman who comes out of the sea and finally becomes a woman of the city. Above her head, four seals are spouting water. There are also lions around her.

For meals, we recommend Viking Restaurant Harald.

As the name of the restaurant suggests, the interior gives a “Viking” atmosphere. There are Viking helmets on each table, and shields are placed here and there.

Enjoy a delicious meal in an exotic atmosphere.

An additional place to tour is Senate Square, a representative tourist spot in Helsinki.

This place, where you can see Finland’s history and culture at a glance, allows you to appreciate the Helsinki Cathedral.

Helsinki Cathedral

Helsinki Cathedral

  1. Day 2: Exploring the History and Culture of Helsinki

I recommend getting up early in the morning and visiting Suomenlinna, where you can experience the history of Helsinki.

Designated as a World Heritage Site, it allows you to directly experience the history of Helsinki. The journey takes about 15 minutes by ferry, and ferry tickets can be purchased from the ‘HSL’ app.


After your visit to Suomenlinna, you can have lunch at the ‘Suomenlinna Brewery Restaurant’. Here, you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes along with traditional Finnish beer.

In the afternoon, consider visiting the Ateneum Art Museum, a representative art museum in Helsinki.

Here, you can appreciate representative artworks of Finland.

The journey takes about 30 minutes by ferry and public transportation.

In the evening, I recommend the ‘Olo Restaurant’ where you can taste modern Finnish cuisine. As a Michelin 3-star restaurant, it is approximately a 10-minute walk away.



  1. Day 3: Exploring Helsinki’s Nature and Culture

In the morning, I recommend visiting Seurasaari Island, a representative natural attraction of Helsinki.

This is a place where you can experience traditional Finnish life and spend a relaxing time in nature. The journey takes about 30 minutes using public transportation.

You can have lunch at the ‘Seurasaari Restaurant’ on the island.

Here you can enjoy traditional Finnish cuisine.

In the evening, you can taste modern Finnish cuisine at ‘Restaurant Grön’. The journey takes about 15 minutes using public transportation.

Additionally, an extra place to explore is the Uspenski Cathedral, a representative landmark of Helsinki.

This is a representative Orthodox cathedral in Finland, where you can enjoy the scenery of Helsinki along with beautiful architecture.

  1. Day 4: Exploring Art and Culture in Helsinki

In the morning, you can dine at the ‘Kiasma Cafe’. Here, you can enjoy fresh Finnish cuisine.

We recommend visiting Kiasma, a representative art spot in Helsinki.

This is a place where you can appreciate contemporary Finnish art, with various exhibitions on display.

Afterwards, visit the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, a representative cultural spot in Helsinki. Here, you can experience traditional Finnish art. The journey takes about 15 minutes by public transport, and performance tickets can be purchased on the ‘Opera Ballet’ website.

In the evening, you can taste Finnish gourmet cuisine at ‘Restaurant Savoy’.

Additional places to visit include Helsinki Market Square, a top shopping destination in Helsinki. Here, you can buy traditional Finnish goods and fresh food.

Now, wrap up your trip and head to the airport to conclude your journey in Helsinki.

  1. Tour

Traveling is a beautiful time to explore new places, experience diverse cultures, and savor the taste of life.

However, planning a trip can sometimes be challenging.

You have to consider many things, such as where to visit, what experiences to have, and how to get around.

In such cases, taking a tour can be an excellent choice.

Tours help you effectively visit the main attractions of your destination and provide the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding by listening to expert explanations.

Moreover, tours make your trip easier and more comfortable, and all that the traveler needs to focus on is ‘enjoyment’.

Therefore, instead of a typical travel plan, I will introduce various tours this time, helping you find the tour that best fits your travel style.

From Helsinki: Return Day Trip Ferry Ticket to Tallinn

Enjoy a day trip to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It takes only two hours to get there, and you can spend up to 10 hours exploring the charming medieval city.

Nuuksio National Park: Half-Day Trip from Helsinki

Visit Nuuksio National Park, one of Finland’s top natural attractions, and enjoy a trek led by a professional biologist. You can see tall coniferous forests, small forest lakes, and ancient cliffs covered with moss and lichen.

Parque Nacional Nuuksio: Excursión de medio día desde Helsinki

Visite el Parque Nacional Nuuksio, uno de los mejores lugares naturales de Finlandia, y disfrute de una caminata liderada por un biólogo experto. Podrá ver altos bosques de coníferas, pequeños lagos boscosos y antiguos acantilados cubiertos de musgo y liquen.

  1. Travel Expenses

Travel expenses can greatly vary depending on the traveler’s preferences and choices.

Here, I will introduce an approximate budget for a 3-night, 4-day trip in Helsinki.

  • Accommodation

Helsinki offers a variety of accommodation options. Prices vary depending on the grade and location of the accommodation.

Budget Accommodation: Staying in a budget guesthouse or hostel starts from about 30 euros per night.

Mid-range Accommodation: Staying in a 3-star hotel is about 100-120 euros per night.

Luxury Accommodation: Staying in a 5-star hotel is about 200-300 euros per night.

  • Meals

The cost of meals in Helsinki varies depending on the grade of the restaurant and the menu.

Budget Meals: Meals at budget restaurants or street food are about 10-15 euros.

Mid-range Meals: Meals at average restaurants are about 20-30 euros.

Luxury Meals: Meals at high-end restaurants are about 50-100 euros.

  • Transportation

The cost of public transportation in Helsinki is as follows.

1-day transportation card: 9 euros

3-day transportation card: 25 euros

Taxi: Base fare is 6 euros, then 1.6 euros per km

  • Tourism

Most tourist spots in Helsinki are free, but some art galleries and historical places require an entrance fee. Most tourist spot entrance fees are 10-15 euros.

  1. Summary

If you opt for budget accommodation and meals, along with a daily transportation card, your expenses would be:

  • Accommodation: 80 euros x 3 nights = 240 euros
  • Meals: 20 euros x 3 days = 60 euros
  • Transportation: 9 euros x 3 days = 27 euros
  • Tourism: 10 euros x 2 = 20 euros
  • Total expenses: Approximately 350 euros

If you choose mid-range accommodation and meals, with a daily transportation card, your expenses would be:

  • Accommodation: 140 euros x 3 nights = 420 euros
  • Meals: 30 euros x 3 days = 90
  • Transportation: 9 euros x 3 days = 27 euros
  • Tourism: 12.5 euros x 2 = 25 euros
  • Total expenses: Approximately 600 euros

If you opt for luxury accommodation and meals, and use taxis for transportation, your expenses would be:

  • Accommodation: 250 euros x 3 nights = 750 euros
  • Meals: 75 euros x 3 days = 225 euros
  • Transportation: Taxi base fare 6 euros + 1.6 euros/1km (assuming an average travel of 10km per day) x 3 days = 60 euros
  • Tourism: 15 euros x 2 = 30 euros
  • Total expenses: Approximately 1100 euros

This concludes the guide to the 3-night, 4-day travel expenses in Helsinki. You can choose from budget to luxury accommodations and meals, depending on your budget and preference. Use this information as a reference and enjoy your trip to Helsinki.

  1. Helsinki Souvenir Recommendations

Choosing souvenirs to remember your trip to Helsinki is a delightful task.

Here are some recommended souvenirs for travelers to Helsinki:

Finnish Design Products: Finland is renowned for its globally recognized design sense. Consider items such as Marimekko fabrics, Iittala glass products, and Arabia ceramic products.

Salmiakki: Salmiakki is a traditional Finnish black licorice. It has a unique taste that people often either love or hate, but if you want to remember the distinctive taste of Finland, it’s a recommended souvenir.

Finnish Knife: Known as a Finnish Puukko, this traditional knife is well-known for its excellent quality and beautiful design.

Finnish Wool Products: Finland is also famous for its wool products. In particular, items made in the Lapland region boast excellent quality.

Moomin Dolls: Moomin is a representative Finnish cartoon character, and Moomin-related items are popular souvenirs, especially among children.

In addition to these, consider photo books capturing Finland’s beautiful nature or local handcrafted items. We hope you choose a unique souvenir that will remind you of your trip to Helsinki.

  1. In Conclusion

This article was written on the topic of ‘A 4-night 5-day travel guide to Helsinki’. The target keywords for this article are ‘Helsinki travel guide’, ‘Helsinki 4-night 5-day itinerary’, and ‘Helsinki travel expenses’, aiming to assist those planning a trip to Helsinki.

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Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a captivating city where one can experience its unique culture, history, and nature. It is our hope that through this guide, your trip to Helsinki will be enriched and enjoyable. We encourage you to fully savor the beauty of Finland.

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